35 Genius Bullet Journal Tracking Spreads You Need to Try

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Whether you’re new to the whole Bullet Journal movement or you’re ready to take your planning to the next level you will be totally inspired by these tracking spreads you can use in 2018! From tracking your sleep and your daily steps to monitoring your migraines and remembering when you last changed the oil in your car, there is a layout here for everyone!

1. Track your sleep

 via Hannah Rau cool stuff

2. Track your fitness routine

 via Pinterest cool stuff

3. Track your steps

 via @makingabujo cool stuff

4. Track the books you read

 via Book Riot cool stuff

5. Track your budgets and expenditure

 via Pinterest

6. Track the movies you watch

 via @endless_vegan

7. Track your savings goals

 via Kathe Veganete

8. Track your TV shows

 via Mom Spark

9. Track your mood

 via Scrapbooking Life

10. Track the weather

 via Mom Spark

11. Track your period

 via @meyersmadness22

12. Track your weight loss

 via Productive and Pretty

13. Track your chores

 via Gurl

14. Track your mini goals

 via @my_blue_sky_design

15. Plan your morning routine

 via Sublime Reflection

16. Remind yourself of birthdays

 via Samantha Jenkins

17. Plan your meals

 via Little Coffee Fox

18. Track your debt payoff – Dave Ramsey style

 via Debt Free Panda

19. Track your craft projects

 via Sea Salt and Stitches

20. Track your water intake

 via House Beautiful

21. Plan your diet

 via Notey

22. Use the Dutch Door hack to track your week

 via Christina 77 Star

23. Track your pen tests

 via Darlevil

24. Track your memories and milestones

 via Productive and Pretty

25. Track your Instagram follower numbers

 via @explorejournaling

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