22 Clever Tricks Every Homeowner Should Know To Keep Their Family Safe

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When it comes to taking care of your home, security should be one of your first priorities. It’s just too simple these days for criminals to break in and steal your valuables. Sure, there are plenty of elaborate locks and alarms that you could install, but what happens when a determined burglar gets past them?

When in doubt, old-fashioned tricks work best. After all, home alarms can fail, and locks can be picked, so when an intruder gets inside, it’s best to anticipate their arrival. Nothing beats outsmarting a burglar!

These people decided to get a little more creative with their home security. The results, as you’ll see, are pretty incredible!

1. Hide your valuables underneath the fridge in a plastic, sealed bag to ensure that they aren’t found by intruder. This way, you’ll know exactly where they are…and you can find them even more easily than if they were in a desk drawer!

2. An empty jar of mayo, painted white, makes for a sneaky hiding spot. After all, no one is going to check inside of an old mayo jar! You can even hide things from family members with this sneaky trick…as long as they don’t decide to make a sandwich!

3. A house plant is one of the last places a burglar would look for your cash. Simply place the money in a pill bottle, then hide the bottle in the soil. No one will think to check there!

4. The same goes for your garage door device. The box that controls your garage door is an easy place to hide emergency cash, while ensuring that no one in their right mind will check there.

5. The vents in your home provide countless hiding possibilities. You can store money in there, or any other valuables. It’s less conspicuous than a safe, and if you lock it, it’s just as secure!

6. Remove the cover of your vacuum cleaner for a clever hiding spot. Just make sure that your valuables don’t obstruct the vacuum’s ability to work, and you’re good to go!

7. This egg beater is really the handle for a secret compartment! You can store whatever you want in there, and easily access it whenever you want. 

8. The toe kick beneath your cabinets can be taken off as well. No one will think to lie on the kitchen floor and remove each of the boards! It’s the perfect hiding spot.

9. Here’s a smart idea: use binder clips to hide important documents in tight spaces. That way they’re easily retrievable, but no one will think to check there for something valuable.

10. This person drilled a hollow spot in their door to keep money and a valuable USB drive with sensitive information. Genius!

11. This secret book case is pretty amazing. You could use it for hiding valuables, or just make a room where you can get away from it all.

12. The space underneath your stairs can be transformed into a secret storage space

13. Floor safes are a strong alternative, too.

14. Dummy PVC piping can provide a safe hiding spot.

15. Remember that you can always tape things behind your headboard.

16. A hollowed-out book is a good hiding place if you have enough decoys.

17. And if you want to be extra, extra sneaky, a hidden door in the side of the house is exactly what you need.

18. A thick mattress makes for a perfect place to store important documents or valuables. A small incision in the side will allow you to reach in and tuck your precious merchandise deep into the stuffing for no one to find.

19. The last thing a burglar would show up at your house to steal is a rock. That’s why you can purchase fake hollow rocks to keep in your garden and store anything of value inside of them. A thief would walk by it without even thinking twice.

20. Here’s an idea that’s sure to keep your belongings safe: use a false bottom in one of your bathroom or kitchen trash cans to store your stuff. No one is going to want to comb through smelly garbage in search of valuables.

21. If you wrap your things in several layers of plastic wrap or tin foil and keep it in the back of your freezer, it will simply look like leftover food and will more than likely dissuade a burglar from investigating further.

22. Since the probability of a burglar also being a skilled electrician is very low, keeping a fake electrical outlet in your wall will work almost every time. Very few people would be willing to risk electrocution for a few bucks.

The hidden book case compartment might be expensive to build, but the rest of these are so simple and clever. I know what I’m doing this weekend!

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